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The business was formed by John Fisher in the early 80's. Named Priory Services, after the beautiful and historic Priory in his home town of Christchurch, Dorset, the business was set up with the specific purpose of easing doors which drag on new floor coverings (i.e., carpet, laminate, wood floors, vinyl etc). Customers included carpet retailers, fitters, flooring contractors and a small number of builders.

John improved the design of an existing door trimming product to develop the 'PRIORY Door Trimming Saw' (MKI). The MKI saw enables all types of wooden doors to be trimmed in place, without the need to remove them from their hinges. This is particularly important where the hinge screws have been repainted over several years of decorating or where fitters have forced carpets under the door and the door is unable to be open or closed. John continued to improve the saw and the enhanced MKII and MKIII models were designed. Prototypes were produced and thoroughly tested. Cutting heights were reduced to ensure doors were as close to the carpets as possible. Collection of sawdust during the cutting process was increased to 90% through improved vacuum positioning.

My name is Tony Fisher, Johns 2nd son. After I embarked on a career change in 2001, John trained me in the specialist installation of laminate and wood flooring which became my sole trade serving a large Customer base including homeowners, flooring retailers, contract flooring companies and developers. Later in 2003, John and I discussed the future of Priory Services, who were and still are, the only 'professional' door trimmers operating this much needed service. We agreed that I would scale down my flooring business in favour of door trimming. Early in 2005 John took semi-retirement and reduced his working week to just 2 days with me working the other 3 days on doors and remaining 2 days on floors. I was trained in advance of this to ensure a smooth and efficient transition with our large customer base was achieved. Sadly, in December 2005, John was expectedly taken seriously ill and passed away just 2 weeks later in the early hours of New Years Eve 2005. This came to us, and John's numerous friends and customers, as a huge shock. He was a very well liked and respected man, and is still sadly missed. To this day I still receive comments from returning customers of their sadness upon hearing this devastating news.

Today, I continue in John's footsteps. His door trimming legacy grows as words spreads further for this convenient and cost-effective method of trimming doors, which now spans over 35 years. I no longer install wood floors and devote my time to the ever expanding door trimming business. I have maintained ongoing development, testing and improvement of the Priory Door Trimming Saw. It is my intention to submit an application to the UK Patent Office in an endeavour to register a Patent for the design and technical advancement of the MK IV saw.
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